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The India Energy Hour delves into the energy sector by interviewing experts, analyzing current developments, and discovering the narratives that drive innovative projects and concepts.

The India Energy Hour delves into the critical challenges and prospects of India’s energy transitions through insightful conversations with prominent figures in academia, civil society, and government. Our podcast explores the role of government and finance, social justice, and science, and provides in-depth analysis of the implications of India’s energy transitions on both the country and the global community. While initially focused on India, the podcast may eventually broaden its scope to include other nations in the Global South.

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Shreya Jai*


Shreya Jai is India’s leading business journalist currently working as Deputy Energy-Infra Editor for the Business Standard newspaper.

(Shreya Jai* is not employed with 101Reporters or any of its affiliated organisations. She hosts The India Energy Hour podcast on an invite basis.)

Sandeep Pai


Dr Sandeep Pai is an award-winning journalist and researcher and author of a book “Total Transition: The Human Side of the Renewable Energy Revolution.”

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