The India Energy Hour


State of the Indian Energy Transition

India’s energy transition is central to global climate action. But where does India’s energy transition stand? What are the key challenges and opportunities in areas such as energy access, clean transportation and critical minerals. To understand the intricate dynamics of..Continue

Tailor Fit Green Energy

In this episode, Vivek Subramanian – Co-founder and Executive Director of Fourth Partner Energy discusses the market dynamics and trends in the decentralised green energy industry. He shares his entrepreneurial journey and the growth of his company. He emphasized on..Continue

State of the Indian Power Sector

In India, the coal based electricity dominates the power sector. But the country has set ambitious renewable power targets. This will bring about many techno-economic and socio-political changes. For example, Indian state owned enterprises in the power sector may have..Continue

Changing face of India’s Green Energy sector

India’s green energy landscape has witnessed remarkable growth and transformation in recent years, positioning the country as a global leader in the clean energy transition. With a growing population, rapid urbanization, and rising energy demands, India recognized the need to..Continue