The India Energy Hour


Energy Transition: 1 Nation, 28 Pathways

India’s energy transition currently comprises a set of ambitious targets, the pathway for which is yet to be designed.  While at the Central level, there are a variety of policies, the real challenge lies in their execution. And at the..Continue

Coding Climate Action: Can AI save the Earth?

Climate tech is one of the emerging areas in the technology landscape offering a variety of new-age solutions for adapting to changing climate. Largely unexplored, climate tech has the potential to empower even the grassroot sectors with the ability to..Continue

India’s Wind Sector: Phoenix or Ashes?

India’s wind energy sector has never had a breezy year for close to a decade now. An early mover in the green energy space, wind energy players relied on tax benefits for initial growth. But as incentives and subsidies faded,..Continue

Future of Coal & Just Transition – Greening the Steel

A major part of India’s energy transition would come from the power sector but for the broader goal of decarbonization, energy-intensive industries need to plan a green future. The steel industry which forms the backbone of the country’s infrastructure growth..Continue

Coal and Just Transition in Jharkhand

India has set a net zero target by 2070. If this target is to be achieved, India will have to reduce its reliance on coal. However, decreasing coal production and use is complex as it will impact millions of workers,..Continue

Future of Coal & Just Transition in India

India’s energy transition stands at the crossroads of meeting the nation’s rising energy demand and pressure at the global front to reduce emissions. Having now committed to a low carbon development plan and a net zero target year, all eyes..Continue

India’s annual summer affair with Coal/Power Crisis

As it has been happening for years now, coal and power crisis has gripped India yet again. Severe heatwaves caused due to climate crisis coupled with mismatch in coal demand and supply, led to a nationwide power crisis. Electricity distribution..Continue

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